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Lady Lexi, an experienced dominatrix with a true adoration for classical dominance. 

Originating from Germany, I am renowned for my natural born dominance, over many years I have honed my many skills to display true authenticity in my domination style. 


I am a true latex fetishist with an extensive collection, and I will be more than pleased to have you groveling over my boots as I stand over you. Furthermore, I have much experience with heavy rubber scenes so if this is towards you inclination then I would love to hear.

Other than Latex I get much excitement from some Sissification where you will become anything from my hard-working maid to my cute slut. Masochistic submissives are also extremely welcome alongside those who have an overwhelming weakness and desire to worship my Feet. From beginners to seasoned experts I can cater for all levels of experience; I ultimately aim to start a fire within you that will burn for the rest of your life. 


Every dominant needs a well-behaved servant or maid every need and I gladly undertake intensive training programs for those that need to refine their many skills to better serve those who are above you. You will learn to behave and carry out each and every duty to be the best of your ability no matter how degrading or humiliating that it may be.


I adore slaves who can allow themselves to be devoted to a superior goddess and show how they can make themselves relevant to my life. Kneel Infront of me, lie at my feet and skillfully spoil my boots with your mouth and tongue. Seeing a sub in a tight latex mask as I control each breath is a beautiful process and is something I take much pleasure in. I fantasize about submissives in latex daily and allow my thoughts to run wild upon meeting every sub I meet. Feeling latex on your skin can be both encapsulating and freeing at the same time with no other feeling like it. Truly one of a kind experience that can only be achieved with a dominant of my level.


I love spanking sessions until my subs struggle under the intricate binds I have placed them in, moaning and begging for mercy from their dominant goddess. Seeing those endorphins course through your body as you beg gives me indescribable satisfaction. 


Medical white glove examination is absolutely within the realm of possibility with a wide variety of tests and implements that can be used upon you to discover exactly what punishment needs to be prescribed…


One of my biggest strengths is my creative nature with each scene being meticulously planned for the ultimate form of domination. I adore living out many of my own devilish and sadistic fantasies on each of my many subs and I am always interested in pushing the many boundaries of human nature and seeing what we are truly capable of.


Creating a safe space to live out fantasies is extremely important, and I take pride in making sure there is full comfort in every scene to truly become the submissive that you have always fantasized about becoming. Furthermore, discretion is one of my key pillars of domination and keeping those naughty taboos a secret is always a priority.


I will be travelling between London and Leeds for sessions with a selection of my favorite pain creating devices. From floggers to medical devices, I can and will make you cry for me.

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